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EMI - Electromagnetic interference (also called radio frequency interference or RFI when in high frequency or radio frequency) is disturbance that affects an electrical circuit due to either electromagnetic induction or electromagnetic radiation emitted from an external source. The disturbance may interrupt, obstruct, or otherwise degrade or limit the effective performance of the circuit. These effects can range from a simple degradation of data to a total loss of data.The source may be any object, artificial or natural, that carries rapidly changing electrical currents, such as an electrical circuit, the Sun or the Northern Lights.

ElectroPollution :
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is an unwanted disturbance or unwanted energy consisting of both electric and magnetic radiation. The disturbance may interrupt, obstruct, or otherwise degrade or limit the effective performance of the circuit. It is often relates as a new form of pollution to our living environment.

What are the possible effect of EMI to our body ?
Exposure to EMI caused some degree of increased risk of the following diseases :
- loss of memory, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Chronic Depression/Suicide.
- changes in the brain and central nervous system.
- Cancer (including leukemia)
- changes in the immunological system(resistance to disease)
- advance effects in male reproductive system.
- advance effects in female reproductive system.

EMI Filter acts like a lightning rod, safely conducting the EMI energy away to ground. By plugging-in the EMI Filter, you can effectively protect yourself and family against harmful EMI.

According to research that living in high EMI environment may cause :
-        Sleep disorders
-        Memory lose
-        Chronic pain
-        Headaches
-        Muscle and joint pain
-        Dizziness and nausea
-        Leg and foot pain
-        Muscle weakness and fatigue
-        Fibromyalgia
-        Ringing and other sounds in the ear
-        Chronic fatigue syndrome
-        Skin rashes and irritability
-        Flu-like symptoms and other
-        Respiratory problems    

EMI has been scientifically linked to :
-        Leukemia
-        Multiple sclerosis
-        Depression and anxiety
-        Cancer
-        Hypertension
-        Diabetes
-        Alzheimer disease
-        Miscarriages
-        Thyroid problems
-        Asthma
-        Blood and brain barrier  
EMI Filter is an innovative technology and patent device in the 21st century, intended for use at home, condominium, apartment, offices and small to medium scale companies.

EMI Filter is a passive electronic device(comprises of multiple components) for suppressing conducted interference found on any signal or powerline. EMI Filter will suppress the interference created by other equipment and the interference of the module or system itself, with the desired result being improvement to the immunity from EMI signal in the surrounding setting.

Installing EMI Filter can reduce the current consumption of the electric equipment, advance power factor, and reuse the power of lineloss and waste after re-collecting and discharging them into electric circuit system. It works just like putting a bucket in the electric circuit to collect and return the leakage power to electric circuit.